Weatherlow Florals is a full service flower farm and floral design studio.

Our design work utilizes only the blooms and foliage grown here at the farm, making the florals for each event completely unique, a little slice of that moment in the season. The florals are grown using no-till and regenerative practices, ensuring spectacular quality blooms and stewardship of the land, and we strive for zero waste in our design process.

  • Spring

  • Summer

  • Autumn

Our full service florals calendar for 2023 is filled to the brim! However, if you don’t need full service but are looking for locally grown and incredibly unique blooms for your wedding or event in 2023, consider our DIY Bulk Flower Buckets and other pre-designed floral options.

Planning a wedding or event for 2024?

If you are planning a wedding or event for 2024, and are interested in full service floral designs that are beautifully bespoke and super seasonal, please use the inquiry form below to tell us a bit about you and your celebration. Then we’ll be in touch to schedule a consultation!

Note: Moving forward, there will be no offsite floral design services in 2025.

DIY Bulk Flower Buckets & Pre-designed floral options

Preorder from our online shop for pickup from the Weatherlow Farms’ store, and you can even specify your color palette!