About Us

Weatherlow Farms raises the highest quality grass-fed beef, lamb, and chevon, and pastured pork, poultry, and eggs in the seaside town of Westport, MA. We grow a curated selection of flowers and foliages, designing bouquets and arrangements for weddings and special events with materials entirely grown on the farm.

Food and florals are cared for with environmentally sustainable and socially responsible practices, which focus on the special link between soil health, animal health and human health.

Our Mission is to be a good steward of the land. To heal and nurture with the highest level of animal husbandry and agricultural practice.

The farm, purchased in 2014, has a rich agricultural history supporting a thriving dairy operation for much of the past century. Today, the overarching goal of Weatherlow Farms is to provide a superior product while supporting biodiversity and utilizing biological farming methods, which focus on soil health.

“Everything that takes place now, in the early stages of the farm’s redevelopment, is of critical importance. Our plan was to create a unique team platform with highly specialized individuals who could help us create agricultural and environmental value in our community. Our team consists of employees and advisors who are all passionate about responsible farming, sustainable living, and smart eating. We are working hard to take the right steps to protect all of the land, not just the production acreage. We are dedicated to things that may not have a direct financial return, but are simply the right thing to do” – Ryan Wagner