Wholesale Florals

We grow over 300 varieties of flowers in our fields and greenhouses, using regenerative agricultural practices to support the health of the flowers and foliages that we grow. We use no-till systems to prioritize supporting a more vibrant microbial ecosystem under the surface of the soil so that we can continue to grow sustainably for seasons to come.

Interested in becoming a wholesale buyer of our sustainably-grown flowers? We sell our farm-grown blooms to local floral designers and wholesale floral distributors throughout the Northeast.

Fill out our registration form to learn more about being a wholesale buyer with us. Once registered as a wholesaler, you will have access to our online ordering site.

Seasonal Flower Availability:

For a list of what might be available each month, see the chart below. As we grow over 300 varieties of flowers, this chart reflects those that produce the highest amount of yields for us to be sold at the wholesale level. Flowers that don’t produce as much will still go into Designer Buckets and other arrangements. Availability is subject to change due to weather and other external factors.

*Spring Flowering Bulbs: Fritillaria, Dutch Iris, Narcissus, Leucojum, Hyacinth, Tulip

Umbels: Didiscus, Ammi, Orlaya

Flowering Branches: Hydrangea, Crabapple, Mock Orange, Abelia, Heptacodium, Ninebark, Thornless Blackberry