Chicken & Duck

Our meat birds are Freedom Rangers, which are a slower growing breed that produce darker meat with a deep flavor. These beautiful birds follow after our livestock within our pasture system, foraging on a delightfully diverse free-range diet and playing a key role in maintaining the balance on our farm.
Each year we raise a flock of Pekin ducks on pasture, where they are free to roam and forage. These fun and expressive creatures produce a richly flavored meat which is enhanced by their natural diets.
Weatherlow Farms maintains a flock of both laying hens and meat birds. Our layers are Rhode Island Reds and produce a beautiful deep-orange-yolk brown egg. We collect our eggs daily, ensuring you get the freshest possible pasture-raised eggs. We’re sure you’ll see and taste the difference.

*Prices listed for all our meats are by the pound. Since our meat is pre-cut and we strive for zero waste, each piece may be slightly smaller or larger than the average price listed. The amount reflected at checkout will be slightly different than your final amount, which will be based on the actual size of your cut of meat.


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