Flower of the Week

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Friday 11-6, Saturday + Sunday 10-2

A wrapped bunch of our favorite flower variety of the week. As opposed to our Bouquet of the Week, this straight bunch of blooms gives us the opportunity to highlight a fleeting moment in the flower season and gives you a chance to enjoy a vase filled with a single variety of flowers or to try your hand at flower arranging.

This week’s flower: Dahlias – These bodacious blooms are really starting to hit their stride for us in the field. As some of you may know, dahlias are grown from a starchy tuber similar to a potato, which are native to Mexico and Central America and both the tubers and the flowers are edible. If kept well watered and fertilized during the summer, dahlias are quite heat tolerant and keep blooming until there is a heavy frost in the fall. Of the many groups of dahlia flowers, our favorite to grow are the ball type and dinner plate. The dahlia bouquets will feature a lovely range of sunset hues including peaches and oranges.

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