Weatherlow Farms operates a multi-species grazing program utilizing managed grazing and holistic livestock management. What is managed grazing? Simply put; the way our livestock graze and move throughout the property takes into account many seasonal, topographical, and biological considerations such as variable grass growth rates and grow back recovery times, keeping the soil covered, not exposed, and supporting biodiversity in the farm ecosystem. Under careful and planned management, grazing livestock can make a positive difference to environmental resiliency producing healthy foods and healthy soils. These are the foundation for a holistic and proactive approach to livestock health and management.  We strive to create a stress-free environment for all animals under our care, including the farm’s native wildlife. When sick or injured, animals are treated with natural remedies. Our animals receive fresh pasture daily, free choice minerals and clean drinking water. Offspring are raised on their mothers. All livestock are raised in groups and not in isolation.


We source a herd of 40-50 head of cattle annually from reputable American ranches to be finished on our pastures. The 2018 herd is All-Natural Angus cattle. Our beef is entirely grassfed, and hormone andantibiotic free. Grassfed beef is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) and high in vitamin A and E to name a few, all of which contribute to your and their health and wellbeing. See this article on A Greener World’s website for more information on the benefits of grassfed beef.


Weatherlow Farms maintains a flock of both laying hens and meat birds. Our layers are Rhode Island Reds and they produce a beautiful deep-orange-yolk brown egg. Our meat birds are Freedom Rangers, which are a slower growing breed that produce darker meat and deep flavor. These beautiful birds follow after our livestock within our pasture system, foraging on a delightfully diverse free-range diet whilst laying Omega 3 rich eggs, available at our Farm Store and as part of our Summer CSA program.


A flock of 43 Dorper/Dorset lambs also join the herd for the season. This year our lambs come from our friends at Hollow Road Farm, in Stuyvesant, NY. They have been raised naturally on their moms from birth. Our lamb is 100% grassfed and finished, and hormone and antibiotic free.


Our meat and working goat herd comprises around seventy Boer, Kiko, and Boer/Kiko crosses. The herd size fluctuates throughout the year as mothers give birth and raise their kids through the grazing season until harvest time. Our goats enjoy a diet of a variety of grasses and browse. When managed effectively, goat grazing can help control brush such as multi-flora rose and other so called ‘invasive’ species to produce the meat we enjoy. Our goat herd is available to hire for pasture management and invasive clearing on your property as part of our goatscaping business.

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