The farm maintains herds of several species of livestock. These are rotated through 70 acres of fertile pastures, producing high concentrations of nutrients in our meats. All our livestock are pasture raised and finished, and are never treated with hormones or antibiotics.

Meet Our Livestock


Our fields can support a herd of 50 cattle. In 2017 we had Black Angus cattle. In years to come we plan to expand into heritage breeds. The cattle are entirely grass-fed and finished, with no hormones or antibiotics.


We maintain a flock of __ sheep from spring through December …


Our herd of goats spends much of the growing season on Goat Scaping duty on properties throughout the region. We breed our own kids. Pretty Boy is the father of kids born in 2017 and 2018.


Our flock of 100 chickens transitions through the fields with the other livestock …

Livestock Guardian Dog

Theodore Roosevelt (Teddy)

Herding Dog


Our meats are available online, at our farm shop, local retail stores, and farmers’ markets. See our Shop (link) for purchase/pick-up locations.

We offer our meats at a substantial discount to retail pricing via our CSA and bulk purchase options.

Community Supported Agriculture – We now have both a winter and summer CSA program. The 6-month shares will save you 20% off our retail pricing. Each month you will receive 10-15 pounds of meat plus one dozen eggs (Eggs avail May thru December only)

Bulk Purchase – Customers can also buy a quarter (1/2 side), half (full side) or whole animal (beef, pork, lamb & chevon). Bulk purchase is the most economical way to purchase our meats at roughly a 30% discount to our retail pricing. Click below for hanging weight pricing and call today to reserve your share.

Restaurant Wholesale pricing available upon request – weekly deliveries to all local markets.

Winter Bulk Beef Flyer

2018 Winter CSA Form

Bulk Hanging Prices