Weatherlow Farms offers comprehensive land management and farm start-up services

including goatscaping, soil testing, fertility management, brush cutting, mowing, fencing, animal purchase assistance and farm/land management plans.

Goatscaping is a popular part of our program.

Utilizing goats and managed grazing has become a critical tool for land restoration amongst progressive landowners and conservation organizations. Our well-managed, intensive grazing strategy can rapidly alter the soil, which in turn changes the plant community and discourages the presence of undesirable plant species.


Matthew Dix, Conservation Lands Foreman at The Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission (which owns a large goatscaping herd) said:

“Goat grazing has proven to be an effective open-land management tool. After decades in the industry and the use of many different methods, goats have proven to provide great results especially in areas of open land reclamation or where high-frequency mowing is impractical.”


It works by us bringing an appropriate number of goats (up to 100 animals) to the target area on your property and fencing them in with portable electric fence. In a few days the grazing job is complete and the goats are trailered away. When the plants start to regrow a few weeks later, the goats are brought back to the property. It can take four to six “visits” to control undesirable plants. We also encourage landowners to apply specific soil amendments to help change the plant population.

Situations that are ideal for goatscaping include keeping stonewalls clear, restoring and maintaining meadows and open land, establishing an open understory in forested land, and controlling targeted unwanted plants such a poison ivy, bittersweet, Russian olive, knapweed, Japanese knotweed and many more.

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